Thursday, November 7, 2013

An American in Paris

To our American blog followers... we SEE YOU... :) 

Today I logged onto blogger and for some bizarre reason I went to 'blog stats' something I never remember or bother to do because I'm a bad business/marketing person, I just want to post Paris, without bothering with any clever marketing tactics or strategies towards any specific market or nation, whoever see's it see's it - is that so bad?! Perhaps it is. But the point is, what I found was overwhelming traffic from the US. WAY above Australians and thats significant, since we're Australian based. Hmmmm... While we know there are many American francophiles now we REALLY know how hungry you all are for all things Paris and French chic.

So...please allow moi, (Regina), Director of Petite Paris and L'Apartment to say that, although we are an Australian based Paris B&B apartment service, we invite all international followers and fans to enquire into Paris accommodations with us. We can still certainly advise and help you locate a home around Paris ... and in fact we already do when they come trickling through...  there is more than enough Paris (and apartments) for all! 
We were even featured in an interview in the American Clubs group and log. Here is the link to read about me and how Petite Paris all started:

So do feel confident, assured we can and will help all followers and guests from any nook of the world, as a very reputable, trustworthy, publicised travel accommodation and Paris information service. Welcome and come to PARIS!! :) 

The Proof is in the Pudding
 Read our Testimonials Page on our website for a taste of our service and credibility. Click HERE:

See our PUBLICITY featured in major Travel newspapers and magazines here:

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for over 100 Paris B&Bs and apartments, in all arrondissements, in all budgets (70-250euro per night) and in all syles. 

Find basic guest rooms, grande deluxe apartments, quaint homes, artists studios, art deco style, 18th century French traditional, modern and contemporary, country stylehome, garden homes, homes with a view, 2 or 3 bedroom apartments - the homes are as diverse as they come.  You can search the website according to price, location or style and if you need personlaised help, that's what we're there for and what we love.

Finally grab a copy of our Paris City Guide eBook
We visit Paris 1/2 times yearly and update our book continuously. Its our insiders guide, 140 pages of the best and most beautiful Paris places. Authentic places the locals know and the most popular and well-deserving of a 'petite' mention. Images, descriptions, google map links, web links, and access/practical information for all.

It is $7.99 - ebook format for ipads and tables. A PDF version is available too for downloading to your desktop. Get it here friends:

And a secret. More ebooks with more Paris information are coming. Our new Bookshop will be launching early 2014! Stay tuned...

Merci de, Petite Paris

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