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Europe vs Australian B&Bs

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The Value of a B&B

Australia Vs Europe

A media interview: Petite Paris talks value of B&Bs in Europe compared to Australia … & the costs faced by B&B operators in France. 

 Generally, do you think B&Bs are cheaper in Europe than Australia? Why is that?

We feel that Europe generally does the whole 'B&B' better! Absolutely! Australian boutique B&Bs are run closer and similarly to 'Hotels'; viewed like a business transaction with guests feeling very much like a ‘customer’ and they are thus priced accordingly. Whereas in Europe, B&Bs offer a more convivial welcoming and guests are treated like family members.  In Europe B&Bs are seen as more of a casual 'home stay' environment one that is rich and culturally authentic, not just a place to stay. Hosts of European B&Bs view their service as an opening on to the world and love to meet travellers and show them their culture. B&Bs in Europe present far better value, particularly ones that are like ours at where guests lodge in 'real' homes of 'real' Parisians. Our hosts do not run their B&Bs like a business and are not 'in it' for the money. They have 9to5 jobs and welcome guests as friends at an affordable cost.

The B&B accommodation service in Paris is very much supported and encouraged by France Tourisme (empty apartment rentals being illegal unless registered as a commercial space). This may influence the prices of French B&Bs to remain quite low in Paris, seen as a cost effective, culturally richer alternative to hotel.

We find that B&Bs in Europe are generally cheaper than Australian B&Bs. Australian boutique B&Bs can easily reach the $300 per night mark and anything around the $120- $200 mark can mean a significant drop in quality and atmosphere. Whilst there certainly are some B&Bs in Europe that are at around $300 (such as some our grander and larger historic mansions), even the more affordable ones generally achieve the same convivial, intimate and ambient atmosphere of a 'real' home that is what classifies a 'true' B&B. Quality is not sacrificed.

What is the average cost of a Paris B&B on the Petite Paris Website?

Approx. $180au per night for 2 people which offers guests bedroom, private ensuite, in many cases a private living area, fresh breakfasts daily, free wifi and laundry facilities. 

B&B368 Chantal and Joe's place in Paris is located in the central 9th arrondissement of Paris and is the highest rated on the Petite Paris roster thanks to its immaculate presentation, warmth and quaint Parisian atmosphere. Guests are offered a completely furnished and immaculately presented large (by Paris standards) guests suite of 19m2, with 12m2 double queen bedroom, private ensuite with bath and shower, free use of the lounge room, free wifi and traditional French breakfasts served daily (warm drinks, juices, fruit, yogurt, baguettes, croissants, sweet pastries, cereals, butter, jam) all provided by warm Parisian hosts who welcome guests like family and offer plenty of insider Paris tips and advice about where to go, what to see and do.

Here is the link to the full online description of this B&B on the website: 

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