Thursday, November 14, 2013

Paris you sweet thang!


1. Have you tried the oldest Chocolatier in Paris?

DeBauve et Gallais

Gourmet Finest Dark French Chocolate

This aromatic relic, founded in 1800 and the official chocolatier to Napoleon, still has its original semicircular counter covered with fabulous treats. Signature items include: chocolate pistoles, small discs of chocolate that vary according to cacao content and flavorings (almond oil, bitter coffee, Bourbon vanilla and orange blossom).
30 rue des Saints-Peres
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2. Heavenly: La Rose Croissant
@ Pierre Herme

More than just a regular old boring croissant (ahem never boring) how about trying a glazed one covered in candied roses and filled it with a sweet litchi/rose/raspberry pâte! At Pierre Herme these little guys can sell out quickly, but you also don’t want to buy one and eat it too early. They’re on the shelf at 10am and still too warm to enjoy. Either purchase one and give it an hour to mellow-out, or stop by after 11am and hope there are still a couple left. They’re incredibly scrumtrulescent.

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