Friday, November 15, 2013

The Art of Cafe Sitting

The Art of CAFE Sitting

Cafe sitting is the great Parisian sport. But there is a little bit of technique involved:

1. Choose a cafe that talks to you
2. Remain faithful to it. Cafe fidelity is important.
3. Base your choice on these essential criteria:
Is the cafe located at an interesting intersection - for people watching?
Are the seats comfortable?
  Sunny side of the st?
Noise level?
  If the waiters are aloof the first day, no big deal. If they are still aloof by the third day, move on.
4. Master the technique of nursing your cafe expresso for at min. one hour.

Et voila, you're a pro! Enjoy these cafe photos below. My favourite thing to do in Paris :)

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  1. Right on!
    Amazing how much it has in common with the café sitting in NYC :)