Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Paris Apartment Art Show

Bonjour and welcome art arficionado's, art connoisseurs' and people like moi; knowledge-less but inspired and appreciative fans of pretty art...stuff!

Today's post has nothing to do with anything except that I love art and antiques as much as i love paris and les parisian apartments; so here is a homage to our Paris B&B apartments and their 'Jewellery' aka magnificent paintings and drawings, decoratively and lavishly strewn about les murs in a casual sophisticated chic manner that could only be French. Some are 'ancien' paintings, some family heirlooms, some modern, some abstract and some painted by your artist hosts truly.

Art lessons anyone? James from B&B No.336 says oui!

French Landscapes at Aline's apartment (B&B335).

Evelyn's Apartment is head to toe paintings, even while you bath (B&B339)

Perhaps this floral arrangement is more your fancy at Gisele's Apartment (No. 308)

A view of the parisian rooftops painted by your host Jean-Pol in his artists studio turned B&B just for you (B&B 101).

A crazy colour fiasco looms while you enjoy a full french breakfast at Aline's (B&B 335).

Had to include another bathroom shot of the art in Evelyns theatrical dwelling (B&B 330).

Dom and Erics apartment belonged to a famous french painter whose work can still be seen in the Musee des Arts Decoratifs and is displayed through the house. (B&B 342).

Take me away to a magical time and place where frolicking in the french gardens and courtyards was life's simple pleasure. Mythical angels, fairies and cupid.. (B&B 339)

I absolutely adore this fine painting at Thierry and Rose-mary's Apartment. I reckon she's a snooty obnoxious little daddy's girl who thinks she great at everything, pushes you down the stairs then batters her innocent eye lids. I want to poke her. (B&B 339)

Odile decorated her apartment with lots of modern and classic paintings such as this delightfully quaint piece. Can't you just fantasise life within these frames (B&B 324)

Ok so its a old photo not a painting but it had to be included. Anne and Jean-Luc's apartment is a visual journey into their family history. Souvenirs of the past and portraits of Anne's great relatives, all pure Parisian, welcome you in the hall. This one is Anne's great-great grandmother. I think. I may have missed one 'great'. (B&B 321)

Evelyn is a painter, writer, actress and producer. The bedroom of this B&B Apartment is covered with Evelyns paintings including this grand wall mural (B&B330).

Toilet art to keep you entertained...thats all. (B&B 330)

Another piece from the Emmanuelle and James collection in their artists studio (B&B 336)

Nudie by Evelyn (B&B 330)

Watch your step as you descend while observing. This spiral staircase leads to and from your private attic space/Bedroom suite and has a view of the magnificent parisian rooftops that may incite your own creativity. Pick up a brush. (B&B330)

Magestic and grand another family heirloom found in the lounge at Constance's Apartment (B&B142).

uuuuuum...i'll take the one on the right. (B&B 324)

Another classic (my faves) at Marie Claude's french castle like apartment building (B&B270).

Alain's Apartment in the 2nd arrondissement is like an art gallery. Crisp clinical white walls adorned with magnificent contrasting, vibrant, eye catching pieces like this nude painting. A lover of the flea markets Alain pics up all his decor and antiques for bargain prices. As a result he offers an eclectic chic apartment for the true creative (B&B 327)

A bit of bathroom art at Carols apartment bam smack in the centre of paris in the ile de la cite (B&B 359). Ps i want to be a french girl.

Enjoy a sunny breakfast at Aline's bright apartment. Is it a clown? (B&B 335)

A landscape painted by your host Dom (B&B342)

Love this wall mural at Florence's apartment. If you look out the window you find you're an arms length away from the eiffel tower. Well almost (B&B104).

I dont know where to look, and i love it. Did i mention watch your step?? Thats me on the top left in Paris and below lying in le jardin du luxermerg - aaaah the life! (B&B330)

Dom's sketching in your artists room (B&B 342)

I love any Degas painting or Degas (dancer) inspired painting (B&B 104). See Degas at the Musee D'Orsay.

Evelyn's popular on this blog. Here another one of her own artworks. (B&B 330)

Dramatic woman in Alain's Apartment (B&B 247)

Another piece of family history at Carols. Something so fine and delicate about antique artworks, they dont make them like they used to. (uh-oh i just offically grew old) (B&B359).

Love. red. vibrant. passion. ethnic. art. Alain's Apartment is inspirational (B&B247)

A classic fine detailed sketch at B&B I cant remember. Oops.

Your private B&B Lounge room and a tribal ethnic pieces hangs (B&B247).

The eyes scare me. Hair red fire, eyes white ice.

Is that enough art for today? Oui? Ok Best I stop now.

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