Monday, May 31, 2010

goblins, ghouls and gargoyles

Bonsoir mes amies. It was a full moon a couple of nights ago and admiring the incandescent sphere is the sky got me thinking about mythical and mystical lands, curious characters, black magic, black cats walking across creaky front porches, superstitions, spells and hexes. It reminded me of one of our Paris apartments….

Welcome to the house of goblins, ghouls, and gargoyles. Wizards, fairies and angels. oh and cherubs. It’s a mystical gothic (with a capital 'g') extravaganza at Herve and Francoise’s unusual Parisian apartment in Montmartre. I fell in love instantly with the theatrical element to this heavily decorated apartment. Not a single space has been left ‘undressed’ – not even the ceiling. And especially the lounge room.

Celtic mood lighting. Tall wrought iron candelabra.

Wrought iron dining table with marble top, red leather medieval chairs.

J'adore bronze wizard, little cherubs and masks.

Animated gothic marks
Knoble carved wizard high up on the lounge wall has ALL the spells.

A superb reading corner ideal for falling asleep book in lap.

Here is the hallway. Jewelled with dark gothic memorabilia collected by Herve and Francoise on their many travels, Herve's paintings and various plants and florals, photo frames, mirrors, toys and trinkets.

A celtic wrought iron cross/lollie bowl.

Never a dull moment here

Deep red fabric creates a framed alcove around the antique gold mirror. The medieval wall lamps are the perfect touch

and just when you think you've seen it all. You look up and see more...

Little gremlins and trolls are lurking everywhere...

Entree le chambre

Antique wood dresser, gold detailing and marble top.

Cherubs are the theme of le chambre

Even on the bedding..

Paintings, murels, frames and taperstries cover the bedroom head to toe.

Angel dream catcher wishing you a peaceful nights rest above your head

The Lord's prayer written 'in micmac' hangs on the wall. I have no idea what micmac means but it fits.

I have a fasinaction with strange clown paintings so I love this. Something about it I could stare at for hours.

A bit of light reading 'Lady Cottington's pressed fairy letters' - what else.

'Paris Mysterieux'

Au revoir mes amies.

Sending you all fairy wishes and blessings.

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