Saturday, May 22, 2010

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Bonjour mon amies. Petite Paris B&B website is almost ready to be launched!!! Weeeeeee!! Get ready for the party blog thats coming. It's gonna be HUGE! And your all invited!!!

Everyone knows I cant keep a secret and to prove them right I am leaking a few photos. or maybe more than a few. ok ok A LOT more than a few.

Our first page. Note the link to see Pissaro's apartment, one of our special B&B Apartments in Paris.

the 'Service' page with helpful information on how to use the website. It aint rocket science but just in case.

Start Searching now button on our information pages OR there's a direct link from main page.

Because I'm Paris obsessed there will be an entire 'Paris Guide' section devoted to things like:
  • info about the arrondissements
  • info on how to get in and out of Paris
  • the must see tourist attractions
  • secret spots 'off the beaten track'
  • restaurants and cafes
  • shopping
  • nightlife
  • tours
  • travel tips
  • transport information i.e the metro system
Which are variations of something like this.

Searching for an apartment, you can happily scroll through all - 60 apartments in total so far. watch this space.

You will get 6 full pages of this. Apartment after apartment. All different and utterly unique form one another but ALL typically Parisian, quaint and romantic.

Or you can search by Arrondissement by clicking on your preferred district on the map.

Map shot again. Just because Maps are way awesome.

Clicking on an area will get you to a page like this. The 16th arrondissement and all our apartments in that area.

Or perhaps you prefer the 6th?? St Germain des Pres with its iconic cafes like Cafe de Flore.

Or search by apartment type. We have a variety of exciting living arrangements and apartments to choose from.

Search by:
  • Unhosted apartments
  • Deluxe apartment
  • Quaint apartments
  • Apartments with a jardin or private terrace just for you
  • Basic B&B rooms
  • Twin Share apartments: either 2 separate beds or 2 separate rooms
  • Apartments with King or Queen size beds
  • Basic B&B bedrooms
  • Apartments that can accommodate up to 4 people
  • Apartments that can accommodate over 4 people (maximum is up to 10)

Or search by price for the budget conscious: starting from 'Budget' 50-80Euro per night to 'Splurge' being over 200 Euro per night.

When you click an an apartment you are taken to a full page dedicated to that dwelling like this. Where you find the price per night (this is our most expensive), a location map, and a gallery button to view the photo album for that apartment.

Scrolling down you will find information about the hosts/apartment owners (whether you choose an unhosted or not the information is always there. Establishing a friendly connection to real Parisians with a sense of camaraderie is our mission).

Keep scrolling and find information about the area you will be living in and any historical or interesting information about the building or apartment in which you will reside.

Scrolling further again and information on your boudoir rolls into view.

Lots more scrolling and you have bathroom information. You'd be surprised how much information is required for such a basic necessity.

Breakfast. What you will be served, what time and where.

And finally any additional important information such as check in and check out time, contacting your hosts, any pets to be aware of, telephone and internet usage etc.

If you have the sense that our descriptions are elaborate and full you are correct. The smallest details matter and we have included as much descriptive information to help paint a picture in your mind and help you to visualise the type of environment and atmosphere you will experience. When your staying in the homes of everyday people -not hotels- this is an extremely important service.

Each apartment has a gallery that looks like this.

Double clicking on an image will launch an enlarged slideshow like this.

Ready to book? Fill out the application form sil vous plait. And expect a response within 24 hrs. I am sitting here eyes wide shut, waiting, watching, waiting. Did things just get a little scary!? Must remember to register for a 3D life.

Testimonials page for each apartment looks like this.

Lettres de l'amour from all our friends boasting about their parisian homes that have become a home away from home and their hosts who have become their new best friends.

Me and Mrs Meowington are waiting...

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