Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jardins de Paris

It's a beautiful day in Sydney. The sky is blue, the sun is warm and the air is fresh. I'd like to pack it all up and take it with me to Paris. To my own little Parisian apartment with a garden...

Something like this would be perfect: this is Irma and Alfio’s Paris perfect jardin:

Finding a Parisian apartment with a garden is known to be something of a rarity. This densely apartment dominated city certainly struggles with the concept of space. So if you’re lucky enough to find a garden apartment it would be considered a real luxury.

Jardins de la maison are well looked after quaint little areas of tranquility, which are truly savored in Paris. Irma adores her garden and spends a lot of time in it creating homemade jams, flowers or small dishes of secret recipes.

It’s a little bit of French country in Paris at Irma and Alfio spectacular landscaped apartment which is located in the 19th arrondissement. It’s a flowering shaded and private garden with a small gazebo where you can enjoy breakfast or sit and admire the fruit trees or the English-flowered garden bed.

Alain and Janine’s oasis awaits in the 15th arrondissement. They stumbled across the house during one of their walks and by chance it was for sale. They fell in love with its 1930s architecture and thriving garden and purchased it. We should all be so lucky

Your guests bedroom opens on to several small gardens. Access to the garden is also through the dinning room.

The roof of the shed has been designed as a terrace covered with large pots of houx, boxwood, asparagus, cherry trees from Japan, large flowers stands of ivy and even arches being used as support of a glycine climbing in the lime. In the warm season, from the window of your bedroom, you will have a wonderful view.

Enjoy breakfast outside on a table bench made of varnished wood and some chairs laid out on a central alley covered with gravels.

Find various bulbs, hydrangeas, rhododendrons, camellias, glycine climbing in the lime, clematises, old rose bushes of all colours, an orange tree from Mexico, perfumed lilac, a cherry tree from Japan; all of them full of flowers in the spring. In summer and until the beginning of the fall, the hibiscus, altea, and the pink laurel are full of flowers; in winter, the yellow of the jasmines and the pink of the Vibernum or of the laurel bring some brightness to the dark season.

In the 16th arrondissement is our lovely Chrystell with her 19th century built quiet abode.

This lovely inner garden is full of flowers and decorated with statues and a fountain.

Enjoy a blissful breakfast or high tea.

Maries unique residence takes on a cabin fever feel.

A stand out amongst the traditional Haussmann style buildings around it, this home has a beautiful terrace right of the guest room which leads into a wonderful garden.

Relax peacefully in your jardin content knowing Paris is right at your doorstep.

This former artists workshop belongs to Dom and Erik in the 13th arrondissement of Paris.

Completed surrounded by the neighbours gardens, as seen from your guest room which is a complete artists studio turned suite.

The garden, quiet and welcoming is equipped with garden furniture for breakfast to be enjoyed the way it should be: surrounded by nature and stillness.

There is a little yard between the 2 buildings at Helene and Jacques Parisian home in the 9th district. One building is the guests private suite with access through the guest lounge room or bedroom.

It is bright and covered in green. Access is strictly for private use of the guests.

Its grounds are covered with Scandinavian wood.

Plants are plentiful

A joyous place to rest your Parisian petite pieds.

Ok so its more of a terrace than garden but a terrace like this is of grand measures. I love the stool and yellow cushions.

A haven sandwiched between beautiful Parisian buildings, this is genevieve’s place. Chez Genevieve? Oui, bien sur!

It a private terrace for guests magically calm despite being bam smack in the centre of Paris; the 3rd arrondissement.

The building is an L-shape and this landscaped terrace/jardin wraps around its entirety, linking the guests quarter to the hosts living area.

This is Anne and Jean-luc’s place in the 5th arrondissement.

Wake up to this glorious natural wonderland each morning. Just step out of bed, open the large sliding door and greet the dawn in this private jardin terrace just for you

If rustic country is more your appeal, Paris has those too. Rugged and real this small jardin is part of one of Montmartres first buildings built on Montmartre hill. Who lives here? Claire does. If theres one word for it, its' authentic!! I love the old worn out cobbled pavement and uneven steps.

I hope you are all outside enjoying ithis wonderful autumn day. I might come join you now...

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