Monday, May 17, 2010

I heart Pucesdevanves blog

Happy Monday friends! I hope your week has started well. Today I woke to an exciting blog from Le marché aux Puces de Vanves and I’ve been dying to post about it all day. Yes I have a problem! But until the Petite Paris B&B website is up I hope you don’t mind that I keep rambling repeatedly about Paris flea markets.

Who am I kidding. Even when the website IS up, I’m STILL going to be rambling about Paris flea markets!!

Number 1: Cette Semaine aux puces des Vanves (15 – 16 mai 10). Just this regular weekly post from Miss Amelie gets me all feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Certainly got me off to a good start this week. I love seeing photos of some of the week’s special items. Each week 4 or so photos are posted and it’s all so so exciting! Though at the same time I want to cry because I cant be in Paris often enough as it is, let alone to actually buy some gorgeous antiquities!!

I love last week’s rocking horse!!

I also love my Lettres d’amour – a miniature livre which I purchases at Vanves for 10euro. Haggled down from 20Euro. Its so delicate and exquisite. I imagine the authors of each love letter inside it sitting at their grand desks scribbling away their passions and desires to lovers with long plush feathery quills. Oh the romance…

Number 2: A post later in the day tells of an intriguing sounding film being shot at the Porte de Vanves markets. Actually it’s a documentary from what I can gather. Remember this blog is all in French and I struggle so the understanding may be a little off. If there is a ‘switch to English’ option on the blog it must be written in French baah! Though I doubt in blog-world that this is possible – who knows!

Anyway it seems to be a portrait documentary of the 14th arrondissement, through meeting the inhabitants of the gifted writers, artists, poets, French and foreign painters; who made it famous and introduced it to the world. Their texts will be read by those who live or work in the 14th nowadays.

It's titled 14 times my 14th. A cheerful film which will draw a portrait between the lines of today's Paris where learned or popular word is embodied in everyday life. Other filming is envisaged in famous places of the 14th: church Our lady du Travail, workshop of Giacometti, Ball Bullier etc.

I would love to see this!! And I hope that what I am reading is correct and that it's part of the festival ‘Together with Summer’ from July 23 to August 29 2010. Because that means I'll be there in Paris! Weeeeeeeeeee

If anyone is going to be in Paris this summer and would like a flea market buddy ... I am happy to guide you or just accompany you - any excuse!! =)

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