Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Parisien people

Excusez-moi Garcon! I love this shot. You could not get a more ‘Parisian’ image than if the Eiffel tower was shot covered in croissants. But I beg my pardon; it is old fashioned to call a male waiter ‘garcon’, in fact today it is considered rude and ill-mannered. The correct terminology is: 'serveur'.
loves these boys.

An awkward and at the same time, very relaxed looking French man at the Tuleries Jardin. You can almost see the drool trickling down the corners of his mouth … and feel the neck pain that will surely strike after this little sun soaking session.
'Prada' our gorgeous Parisian pooch living the life at Cafe Flore. I want to get a dog just to name it 'Prada'. Love.

Artists by le seine. Outside the d’Orsay musee sits many artists offering to paint your portrait. This lady was a magician with colours.

‘allo’ ca va? Oui Ca Va tres bien, Je suis a la café.

Happy French man at his sausage stall at the Champeret Gourmet Festival.

A garden gnome…oops I mean French man at the Champeret Gourmet Festival. Chips de pommes anyone? (apple chips).

Our fromage connoisseur at the Champeret Gourmet Festival.
Fashionable older french girl in the marais.

Quirky bird-man walking the Ile st Louis, in the rain, with a broken umbrella, holding the broken side over his head, getting wet. I had a little chuckle as I took this shot. Adoreable.

Fur scarves the flavour of the morning at coliquicot cafe. Writing lettres over a cup of tea.

le journal et cards de poste, street stall with owner who looks homeless and passerby-ers.

Ms Genevieve elegantly posed on her terrace in the 8th arrondissement of Paris..

Entertainment at the Port de Vanves flea markets. gorgeous french folk music; must find that video.

The french love to smoke. 2 elderly ladies haggingly at the Clignancourt flea markets.

Gypsy bohemian purple cape man. I half expected him to turn into a vampire or bat and fly away. Or a magic flying carpet-rug.

I met this whacky chef at a teeny local creperie in Guy Moquet (near Montmartre) - the most peculiar character, for once I am stumped for words, there is no words to describe him. Pity a photograph can't show true character. Here he is making my nutella creperies. yummmmm

Parisian born Rose-Marie pounding the pavement with her Parisien pooch in typically Parisien chic-ness and style. Note the shoes. love.

Battling the rain and wind on the Ile de la cite.

A stereotypical image of le homme francaise. Beret. black outfit. red scarf. long hair. The look of an artist. in montmartre. what more is there..

A ritual chess match each sunday in the Place du Tertr, Montmartre. Wonder how many years has this been going!??

Again. Black. Beret. turtle neck. intelligent glasses. and an air of french frankness and flair. French man.

A gruff old man keeping spirits up in the middle of freeeezing winter at the Port de Vanves flea market on his tinkly portable piano.

Parisien performers at the Opera Garnier. I was excited to watch this show 'with subtitles' however when I arrived I was confused to learnt that the subtitles were in...french???

An eccentric friendly local outside Au Marche De La Butte. More famously known as the 'Amelie' fruit shop.

Parisien artists. Photographie taken at Place du Tertre, Montmartre. Waiting to do your portrait. Le beret man was phenomenal.

Velvet and fur. The fabrics favoured by the baroque/victoria/rocco/neoclassical style of the typical Parisiene's.

The usual line up for Vin Chaud. (Hot wine). Scrumptious. Parisienne's love this beverage delicacy.

Thierry and little Prada enjoying a le cafe at Cafe Flore

Ms Genevieve in her glorious Parisian Mansion.

French Artists Marie-Martine and Michel: 2 of our lovely B&B hosts.

A parisien group waiting for the bus and a trillion 'No Entry' signs.

'Prada' our cute parisien pooch . again. because we love her.

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