Friday, May 7, 2010

Chez Constance

You are at Constance’s place - ‘Chez Constance’! The lovely plush pink themed Paris apartment, that is the newest member of the Petite Paris B&B family.

You are standing in front of a high standing freestone building in Paris constructed in 1910. Just steps from Trocadero and the Eiffel Tower. Enter the building and take the lift to the first floor. There you will find the entry to Chez Constance. Knock and Constance will greet you.

You step into the large, brightly lit apartment of 270 square meters. An atmosphere of calm lives here.

You find yourself mesmerized by the splendid and rare view of the Eiffel Tower from one of the windows.

You admire the decorative jeweled décor throughout the residence. The pink walls and theatrical atmosphere is unavoidable. Constance explains her mum is a passionate interior decorator.

Constance invites you to relax in her living room. You sit on the lavish couch and begin to feel tres French. You share a cup of tea, prepared by Yola the house maid.

You admire the dinning room next door.

Later you will share an aperitif.

Constance leads you to your room, the guest room. This is your intimately and carefully decorated boudoir with a queen size bed (160x190). You find more luxurious decoration and an atmosphere of calm before you. On the walls you see portraits of the hosts ancestors and the statue of St Pierre.

Constance also shows you briefly the second B&B Guest room with red and gold ensuite which can be booked by other travellers at the same time; or should you ever return as a group of 3 or 4 both bedrooms are yours.

In this second you find yourself in an oriental inspired room, as lovingly decorated as the rest of the dwelling.

But after that tea you need to take a trip to the little ladies room. Back in your own room you enter your en suite and find a glorious black and white high-class marble room with marble bath-tub and shower. Lovingly decorated with glass and gold objects. It is for your private use. Red bath towels and a hairdryer are set for your disposal.

By now you need a little lie down to catch your breath. Feather pillows lure you to into sleep. But no…First Paris awaits!

After a full day of sightseeing and reminiscing in cosy iconic cafes you return to your Parisian home. Its time for that aperitif with Constance, if you so desire. Constance studies at university and she speaks Spanish as well as English. Constance has been involved in the B&B activity since 2009, after her mother begun in 1999. Guillaume’s brother arrives sometime after. You meet him too.

When your eyelids can no longer stay open you head to your room and watch cable on the tv sitting in the corner until you nod off. Thanks to its soundproofing windows you sleep peacefully in your bedroom.

Next moring you awake to the delicious smell of coffee brewing and fresh warm croissants. You head to the kitchen or dining room as you prefer. Yola or Constance are there happy to serve you and you share a quiet moment. On the table you find: fruit juice, warm drinks, corn flakes, butter, jam, honeys, yogurts, cheese, hard-boiled eggs, fruits and lots of different croissants and breads.

Bonne appetite!

Arrondissement: 14ème

Métro: Passy 3min (line 6)

Street: Blvd Delessert

Jardin du Trocadéro: 2min on foot

Tour Eiffel: 10 to 15min on foot

Champs Elysées: 25min on foot

Saint Germain: 20min on direct metro

Louvre: 20min on direct metro

Château de Versailles: 40min on direct RER train

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